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“At an early age, there was a burning desire to one day own a great company.

The seeds were planted through studies in architecture and construction management, which was then followed by hands-on site and office experience to hone the profession. It was fueled with years of hard work, dedication, ambition and a drive to succeed.

With many thanks to good organizations, well received and challenging opportunities were provided, which continued to reinforce the necessary experience and knowledge to create a strong professional foundation.

Two decades later, all these stepping stones became the structural core and major building blocks to finally form what it is today, a great company to service important people and organizations.

Welcome to BOZZ BUILT.”

Bozz Built Attributes

Understanding the Client

Part of our success is understanding the client. Even though all projects have a sense of urgency, both at the beginning and end, through proper planning and being proactive, we foresee challenges before they become cost impacting problems.

Delivering on a Promise

Every project has a contract; a promise that we will strive to meet all our goals; either through cost, time and quality management. We enter and complete every project through integrity, respect and professionalism. Your satisfaction is our repeat business.

Satisfy the Client

We hire and work with the best people, both staff and subcontractors. Our goal is to make sure you remain focused on your core business and not having to manage your construction project. Through effective communication protocols, we maintain high levels of information and progress status during the entire duration of the project.

Candid, Professional and Respectable

Business Policy to be always fair and transparent

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Capabilities & Experience

Intelligent Solutions to project challenges

Quality, On Time and In Budget

Strong Resources and Relationships